Independent Electronic Stroboscope



The Gyrascope is the result of a long study into accurately measuring a turntable’s speed. For the first time it is now possible to amalgamate two essential functions in a single device for checking the precise rotational speed and adjustment of a turntable by the stroboscopic effect.

33.3333 RPM is the exact rotational speed of the cutting lathe, which creates the master record from which all other copies are made. When the luminous diodes round the periphery of the Gyrascope pulse at the correct speed, they will remain stationary. If the speed is incorrect the diodes will appear to move to the right or left depending on whether the speed is slow or fast respectively. The speed of the turntable can be adjusted so when the diodes remain stationary precise speed adjustment is achieved.

The Gyrascope is powered by four 1.5 volt Lithium batteries and is therefore completely independent of the turntable. It is also very well made from high quality aluminium alloy and when it is not being used for checking the speed it can be turned upside down (which turns off the LEDs) and used as a record clamp, ensuring a perfect contact between the record and the turntable platter.

The Gyrascope is a high precision instrument driven by a very precise and stable quartz oscillator. The frequency of this xtal is several mega hertz. This frequency is then divided down to obtain a very precise rate, which is more accurate than an expensive watch.

The light emitted from the LED’s around the Gyrascope is easily visible and this allows the permanent indication of the turntable speed.

The Gyrascope cannot just be used when the turntable is being installed, it can be used during the playing of a record without effecting the reproduction. This method is by far the most effective way of obtaining the correct speed as it takes into account the drag of the stylus attached to the cartridge.

Technical Specifications

Power requirements : 4 * 1,5 Volts Batteries (type AA - Lithium)
Control speed : 33.3333 RPM and/or 45 RPM (following versions)
Dimensions : 79mm dia * 75 mm high
Net weight : ~ 550 gm

Using Instructions

Put the Gyrascope on the platter and the turntable in gyration, the lightening diodes seam to stay still when the very precise rotary speed is reached (33.3333 OR 45 turns by minute, exact original rotation speed of the records when engraving).

If the lightening diodes seam to turn on the left, the speed is above 33.3333 (or 45) turns and inversely.
What to do is to act on the speed adjustment of the turntable to correct the speed error and to obtain the obvious immobilisation of the lightening diodes.